Key Holding Service

Lincolnshire Security Ltd. also offers a Key Holding Service, which may be utilised to your requirements, whether you have the Alarm Response Service or not.

Lincolnshire Security Officers can visit your Premises at the close of business and secure your premises when your staff have finished for the day, locking, alarming and securing your premises for the night. They will then return and unlock the premises the next day ready for your staff to commence work. Officer will remain on site until staff arrive, who will then assume responsibility.

Alternatively Officers can just lock or unlock your gates and barriers at the times required. This in turn has proved a popular choice for some of our customers, who have experienced problems with Boy Racers on their car parks during the evenings.

Lincolnshire Security Ltd. hold all keys in a secure Key Cabinet located within a Secure Office, which lies within the main office complex. All keys are issued to the Officer responsibly for your site by the duty controller, and returned to the security of the office once the locking, unlocking is complete, a signature, time, and date of each allocation is recorded in the Key Register.

Now ask your self are you capable of getting to your premises in just Thirty minutes?

If so, would you feel safe do so at 2.30am on a cold frosty morning?

Would you be happy leaving the warmth of your bed knowing that more than 97% of alarm activations are false?

Will the Key-holder still be able to carry out their normal duties during office hours?

Is the Key-holder "sick" or on "leave"?

If you have answered no to one or more of the above, then Lincolnshire Security can help.

We offer an immediate response when an alarm is activated, entering, investigating and securing your Premises, and co-operating with the Emergency Services as required.